Friday, March 23, 2012

Tool # 9

1. It's important to utilize technology where possible so that information can be gathered, discussed, saved and created.  Most students love technology and can relate to it better than a pencil and book.

2. We need to hold them accountable because this will keep them on task. Tool time is not just play time! It will be a way to monitor their progress and understanding of concepts and materials being taught.

3. I visited Mangahigh because I am a math teacher. It could be a fun/station activity for students to practice their Algebra skills.

I also visited Manipula Math which helps use curriculum in a very hands on way.  This is very "hands-on" math, which would work great in stations.

Record keeping sheets describing the learning can work well keeping track of the students progress at their stations.

4. Two apps I could use on the iPAd would be Thinkfinity and Interactive. These would be a fun, interactive way to keep students engaged in learning.

5. Another way  to use an iPad as a station is to use it as a research tool or video maker.

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