Friday, March 23, 2012

Tool # 8

The only tool I was unfamiliar/inexperienced with is the WACOM tablet, which looks interesting. As far as the other tools, I learned how they could be useful in the classroom.  Students will be able to respond to polls, make podcasts, voice recordings, and short films.

    In order for the devices to be used correctly, there should be school wide or at the least department rules and regulations.  Each school or department could establish specific guidelines that students are required to follow (much like proper use of materials in science labs).  Before work stations begin their lesson, there could be a form that has a place for the name of the student that is responsible for the device for that station or group. Departments could establish guidelines for teachers regarding such things as securing and charging the devices.  If teachers wanted to share devices, there should be specific guidelines as to borrowing iPads between classrooms.

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