Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool # 3 - Finding Online Video and Image Resources I have searched for videos online regarding math and I have found several that could be beneficial for my students to watch during class. One of the videos that would be good for my students on the quadratic formula is: Found this adorable video on algebra 2 equations that I want to share with my classes:

The provided copyright and fair use information page was very convoluted and unclear. I don't feel I learned anything new. Establishing a Dropbox account, however, is so useful that I installed it on all of my computers. It's free storage that does not need to be backed up on an external hard drive, and can be accessed from any computer! For a classroom setting, I could see saving assignments into a "class dropbox" and providing students with the login information so that they may open the assignments at home, and then save them in the dropbox again to turn them in.