Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool # 1

My experiences to date have been challenging. Terri McLaughlin has been incredibly helpful, however, we have had problems with the internet and couldn't get our blogs started. This is all new for me so it will be interesting as I travel along on my path to the 11 Tools! I have a student teacher this semester who is extremely knowledgeable, and she has been quite helpful to me and the rest of the Math department. Yea for Rachel! Hopefully, I will find useful ways to integrate all my new knowledge into my classroom and will find it beneficial for my students.


  1. Great start on your 11 Tools adventure - your Voki is quite nice! I'm sure you will come away with several tools to use with your students in the classroom. Glad you persevered and rock on to Tool Two!

  2. What would we do without Terri and Rachel!! Hopefully you will find some ways to use 11 tools in the classroom, if you do let me know!!